Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I am terrible at keeping up with this thing.

I can't even remember the last time I updated here. It's not really important, because nobody reads it anyways. But still..... on the off chance that someone out there does, I shall update now!

I bought a house. Well, me and the hubs did. We got our butts kicked into motion when we got a letter on April 6th that our apartment building was being foreclosed on. Awesome. We found out that our landlord had been telling the owners, who live in Vegas, that all but 3 apartments were vacant and pocketing the rest of the money. Classy. So nobody in our complex paid rent this month... he threatened to shut off our water, but that's against the law, so.... yeah. We're using our security deposit, which we wouldn't get back anyways, to cover this month. We're moving out this weekend, anyway, so no biggie. The landlord is actually in the process of moving out himself.... I guess because he has no income now, he can't really afford to stay here? I don't know.

Back to the house thing, yeah, we finally, FINALLY bought one. We've only been married, what, 5 years or something? Haha. It's cute... nice sized back yard, so I can have a garden and a compost pile and recycling, and a grill! Garage, shed, Florida room (which needs refinished, and a floor put in, but still), 2 bedrooms, nice kitchen (which I will also eventually be refinishing), bathroom (that needs a floor). Comes with a washer and dryer, wood floors, which Steve is refinishing... and I'm working on painting. It is liveable now, but aesthetically it needs some work. That being said, it is OURS. Ours, ours, ours.... no more landlords, no more paying rent to pay for someone else's mortgage, no more noisy neighbors. Just a house and a yard... I'm stoked. Plus, our mortgage payment is 1/3 of what we're paying for rent. How crazy is that? Pretty crazy. I just can't wait to get out of here and over there and just be done with it all.

There are a couple of things irritating me right now.... The real estate place is dragging their feet over everything. We were supposed to have it signed over to us on the 1st of May, and here it is the 12th. I was supposed to go to the agency today and pick up a copy of what we'll be signing to drop off to a lawyer to look over, just to be sure there isn't anything funny in there for when we eventually sell the house, and they knew that I was supposed to be picking that up today, but it's not ready. WTF. We're supposed to be signing it on Friday AT THE LATEST. Irritating.

Okay, I'm done for the day. I don't feel good, and now I'm all pissed off again.

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