Monday, November 17, 2008

Ah, hello world.

So I obviously decided to create a blog. Everyone else has one, and I wanna be cool, too. Plus I have a lot to say, and a lot to show (not like that, perv), which if you know me at all you're already aware of. I love the sound of my own voice, but I like the sound of anything I write MUCH better because when I talk, I typically lack the brain to mouth filter, but in writing I have to think about it a little bit. But just a little.

Anyhoo, I joined this site called ArtsCow the other day because I got a bunch of free prints and books and other random photo-crap. I made a (quite impressive, even for me) 8x8 book of my stuff from fall- They gave me 2 free books if I put it in the gallery, so I figured sure, why not! I guess some people really liked it because I've had 2 people order it. But I get no money for it, and no idea who ordered them- you'd think they would've at LEAST left me a damn comment or rated it or something. Lame. Either way, I'm flattered.

Now on to the pictures!

This would be me.

From the car.

Right by our campsite.

The tree looked on fire.

I just thought this looked neat.

Up on a mountain- notice the clouds BELOW it. Surreal.

In a median in South Caroline- swear.

I have a wedding I'm editing and I am giving myself an assignment for tomorrow, so I'll have new stuff in a few days.


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