Thursday, June 4, 2009

Life is good...

Really good.

We moved into the house! Yay us! Everything is finished and new and beautiful- it looks like a completely different house inside. After we get through summer, we'll tackle painting the outside, but for now it'll do. 

I have plants! A tomato, a pepper, cilantro, and catnip. I also have a Florida native flower and a houseplant, but I wouldn't recommend eating either of those (although my cats have managed to take a few inches off of the house plant- grr!). My grams sent me a gift card for Lowe's, so this weekend I'm going to be making us a little garden. I'm also going to build some sort of structure for my compost, because right now it's just a pile. 

I am also able to recycle! It's just amazing owning a house... I actually mowed our lawn yesterday. Pretty sweet, considering I hadn't used a lawnmower in 6 or so years. 

Either way, things are just all around fantastic. :)

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