Monday, March 16, 2009

Sad face...

My spring break is over. Boo. I really didn't do anything, which is incredibly disappointing. I never cracked a book, didn't start/finish any projects, and didn't ride my bike nearly as much as I wanted to. I guess it's okay, but I would've liked to have achieved more in my free time. I didn't play Wii all week, actually not really at all, though, so that's good. We went to a Zydeco festival and hubby and I cut a rug. Well, not really, but we danced anyways. We got some mango pepper jelly which is really yummy on PB&J sammiches. Spicy!

I did, however, have a fairly full day. I returned my video game to Blockbuster on time. I guess there's a first time for everything! I went out to lunch, which was GROSS. We went  and played a round of golf- first time in literally years, which is sad because I played all 4 years in high school. Oh well, it was fun and I didn't do nearly as poorly as I expected. We went out to the beach to watch the sunset, and much to our surprise the rocket launch! Gorgeous! Then we went to the gym and it kicked major butt. I'm gonna feel THAT tomorrow! Yay! Seriously, Yay!

I got some different bread today. I've wanted to try it for a while and never did... it's s sprouted grain bread (Ezekiel?) and is quite good. And healthy! Part of my attempt to avoid refined carbohydrates. 

Aaaaand that's it. Back to school in the AM- whoo!


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