Sunday, March 1, 2009

It arrived!

My film. So excited! I stuck it in the camera as soon as I opened the box, and am super happy about the results. Kinda blurry, red and orangey undertones and nicely contrasty. I love old film. Steve just doesn't get it- I keep hearing "Why don't you just use your digital and make it look old in photoshop ? Why do you want the chemicals to determine what it looks like?" Duh. It's all about the surprise and unpredictability of film! You have no idea what it's gonna look like til it develops. One of my favorite things is waiting on a Polaroid to develop. Sigh. I think we've become too dependent on shoot and look and shoot again. Doesn't leave for those funny uh-oh pictures. I'm bad about taking a picture and immediately looking at the back of my camera- I even do it with my other film camera. It's just a conditioned response. A sad one at that.

Now I have a new favorite obsession that I'm going to get. SOON. A lomo camera. Check out here. I want one! He doesn't understand that, either, but it's okay and expected at this point.

And now pictures!

First picture with the film, but Steve wanted to try something and split the front from the back... This is the front.This is the back.
This is me. :)
This is us. Not Polaroid...
And this is the cutest cat in the world. But I may be partial...

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