Friday, February 27, 2009

The Great Outdoors

Today we were supposed to be leaving for a 24 mile backpacking trip, but due to unforeseen circumstances (aka Hubby forgot he has a huge paper due NEXT Friday), we are postponing it.

BUT we are going on a bigger, much better one! It's a fair enough trade-off.

We are leaving Wednesday, March 18th to return on Sunday the 22nd. Which means Thu-Fri-Sat-Sun on the trail! Whoo! 50 miles of undeveloped goodness. I'm stoked. And this little speed bump gives me a couple more weeks to perfect my packing recipes, especially since we've added another 2 nights and days to the mix. Yeah, buddy- dehydrated goodness all the way.

I've never been on a real big backpacking trip before, which is why I'm so excited about going. Plus, the weather is gorgeous, and it's just nice to be outside. That, and we are kinda starting to begin training for the AT, which we plan on conquering after his Grad School and before I'm sucked into Med School. 

Life is grand.

This is Mr. Memnoch.

And this would be me trying to not clean my apartment.... Found out how to use the camera on Hubby's computer.

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Anonymous said...

Yay! Now you get to be here for JOSH!